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Topic: Character Death Animation/rework custom hit reactions

Hey all,

I understand that there is a default fall down animation for stuff like hard knockdowns and such. But from what I notice, after a simple jab, the character will fly back like they were blasted.

If you play games like Killer Instinct, MKXL, and DOA, there is  animation state that plays where the fighter will stagger before falling down. Something like this will add some natural feel to the game. Not everyone plays street fighter.

Also I would love to see the hit reaction system get revamped a bit. When we choose "custom", I don't want to be limited to just three animations, I want to be able to choose the animation I want as a hit reaction.

So, instead of having it reference my character, especially since I'm using mecanim, treat it as an override and allow us to choose. Example, if you want a specific reaction, I'd have to make sure each character has this reaction. Though with mecanim humanoids this shouldn't be an issue.

Another thing I want to see, and it's already possible I think, is an easier way to set up moves that have a miss state, and a hit state.

Example, I have a character that has a move called the Satellite Dropkick, where she performs a drop kick and rebounds off the opponents chest. When she misses, it has its own animation where she is vulnerable during recovery. Now, on the HIT, I want her to perform the rebound animation. That could be done with a linker on hit confirm. I'll treat this like a hit attempt. And create a move that hits.

And there is the stand up animation issue that still remains after a knockdown. When the fighter stands up during the next round, the stand up animation doesn't play. UFE needs to recognise the down state after a round too. I don't want to fade between rounds. That is all.

Re: Character Death Animation/rework custom hit reactions

The last issue about standing between rounds i fixed using source. So if anyone else feels they needs this fix and has source I can make a tutorial. Its quite simple fix actually


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Re: Character Death Animation/rework custom hit reactions

I would like to see how to fix that standup issue in Source!


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