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Topic: Karma FAQ

What are Karma points?
Karma points were included on UFE forum to help the community grow and interact. High karma users are highly respected in our forum and have a much easier time promoting their work and getting support.

How do I get Karma points?
Karma points are given by other users of this forum, and they are normally based on contributions you can provide.
You can normally get karma by helping other users in need, write tips and articles and even showcasing your work.

What are the advantages of high Karma?
UFE community forum has become the center for job seeking and connections in the industry. If you are looking for a gig on the Fighting Game Industry or someone to help you, having a high karma is key. The higher your respect, the higher chances you will be called to other projects, have others help you and even get investors. It also makes you a generally more trustworthy person.

Why do I have negative points?
Having negative karma does not mean you are a bad person. This is a work environment and good behaviour is not only admired but sometimes necessary. This status is completely reversible and I'll explain how.

First, a few tips:

  • Learn how to research: Research is your friend. Asking genuinely hard questions is fair and even encouraged, but make sure you always search the forum and the documentation before posting. Be patient, and remember that aside from support, the staff priority lies on improving the engine. Don't worry though, UFE has a great community, and we are always helping each other. For more on support please refer to the Asset Store EULA (APPENDIX 1, sections 3.1 and 8.3) and the expected knowledge required to use UFE.

  • Always update to the latest supported version: If your problem is related to an older version of our product or supported Unity version, chances are that the answer will be "upgrade your assets". To keep things organized, the staff can only help when everyone is using the same updated product. Make sure you always check the change log as well for more info.

  • Don't just bump your threads, add more information instead: You are not being ignored! The staff always read all posts, but that doesn't mean we can answer all questions. As any development project with many different sources of asset, errors are prone to happen. If your question hasn't been answered, it just means no one knows how to help you. Try running more tests and feel free to catalog your findings with replies. The most qualified person to figure out a fix might very well be you, so be persistent!

  • Don't show frustration/anger: Bug fixing is sometimes a stressful and time consuming experience. To avoid unnecessary frustration it's important that you don't start your posts with cynical or aggressive approaches. Be sure before reporting a bug and understand that every developer follows strict priorities. Keeping a good vibe is important, even when time is of the essence.

  • Don't spam the forum with unnecessary topics/posts: Let's keep things organised. Don't ask subsequent questions within a single unrelated thread; Start a new topic instead (this helps future users when searching for answers). Conversely, don't post related follow up questions in a new thread either, those should stay in the same topic.

  • Don't post unclear/lazy writing: This is pretty straight forward. If you have a question, make sure other users can understand you. The only legitimate excuse for this is if English is not your primary language - at which point, just understand the staff will also be translating as well as trying to understand you.

How to recover karma:

  • Delete your old posts: If a post you wrote generated negative karma, feel free to delete it. That will instantly remove all the negative karma generated by it. To err is human smile

  • Generate positive karma: Write a tutorial, help others, showcase your work.