1 Sticky: Read this before posting!

by Mistermind

2 A 2v2 tag team system

by 87duel

4 Visual Damage System

by KRGraphics

5 UNET compatibility

by zbrusher

8 Hit Animation States

by MrPonton

9 Some feature requests

by KRGraphics

11 Support Windows10/UWP

by Flamesky

12 Change the story mode!

by Haritha Denuwan

13 Camera Options

by luxon

14 Selective auto-mirror

by christougher

17 Allow for 3D UI

by KRGraphics

18 CryEngine Support

by justindail311

24 a couple of suggestions on Armor

by StriderSpinel

26 Multiple gauge meter per player

by xFTLxKingPhoenix

29 Hitboxes

by Steviebops